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    GMI Social Trading Edge

    Our Social Trading Edge technology was designed to be super easy to use for both Master Traders and Followers

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    Become a Follower with GMI

    Running out of great ideas to trade, not enough time or no winning trading strategy in mind? Don't worry! GMI Social Trading can help. Imagine looking over the shoulders of successful traders and watching how they trade. Learn from them to trade like the pros and follow their trades automatically using GMI Social Trading Edge technology. You will have full control when to start and when to stop following their trades and strategies.

    Advantages of Being a Follower

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    Following for Everyone

    Beginner to advanced traders alike can benefit from following the sophisticated trading strategies of Master Traders using GMI Social Trading Edge

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    Simple to Use

    GMI Social Trading Edge has a very intuitive interface that allows for super easy ways to review and follow the results of Master Traders

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    Complete Control

    Clear and transparent real-time monitoring of the Master Traders performances allows you to decide when to start and stop following their trades

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    Automatically and instantly replicate your chosen Master Traders trading in your portfolio and also use it to help diversify your trading risk with one click

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    Ultra-Low Barrier to Entry

    Benefit from our exceptionally low $500 minimum deposit to join the GMI Social Trading Community

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    100% Control of Your Money

    You will have full account management rights at all times and our online customer support team can help you 24/5

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    How it Works

    Choose from an array of globally experienced 'Master Traders'. Top trading strategies are at your fingertips in realtime to review and possibly decide to follow and copy their trades as a 'Follower'. You will share a percentage of your profits, agreed to in advance with your Master Trader, in return for their successful and profitable trading ideas.

    Simply 2 Steps to Open a Follower's Account

    1. Click Open New Account in the Accounts tab.

    2. Choose the Follower Real Account type, and complete the required fields.

    Start Copy Trading!

    GMI Social Trading Edge

    Join our Growing Community of Master Traders and Followers Today

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